Hym-Lure Protein Bait

Hym-Lure Protein Bait

HYM-LURE Protein Bait

Fruit Fly Attractant for Queensland and Mediterranean Fruit Flies
Active Ingredient: 425 g/L Protein Hydrolysate

Directions for use:
•    Use only with registered pesticides for the control of fruit flies.
•    Mix Hym-Lure concentrate at the rate of 1.5 litres per 100 litres of water.
•    Apply this mixture at the rate of 15 -20 litres per hectare as a solid stream within the canopy of the trees. Apply to every tree in every second row in any particular week and then alternate rows in the following weeks.
•    It is essential to monitor fruit fly numbers to determine effectiveness of program and to adjust if numbers increase.
•    Application of bait sprays should commence 6-8 week prior to fruit ripening and on a weekly basis. Additional applications may be required if monitoring indicates inadequate control or in the advent of rain falling within 3 days of application.
•    Baits are more effective if applied early morning.
•    Ensure that fresh bait is used, do not store mixed bait.
•    Continue bait program during and two weeks after harvest.
General Recommendations for Fruit Fly Management:
•    Perimeter baiting and spot spraying in the non-orchard area will assist in control.
•    Male Annihilation for Queensland fruit fly using suitable products/traps registered for this use has proven to be effective.
•    Monitor fruit fly activity on a weekly basis.

Available in 5 litre and 25 litre containers.

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